The chorus has started, happens each season, when its hot and humid: "oh my goodness its unbearable!"

These same folks in February: "Oh I hate the snow; I can't wait for spring!"

We'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they prefer the middle i.e. "Sunny and 65" and to be fair, this weekend, even sun lovers like myself are facing what's looking to be some unusual and extreme heat and humidity across New Hampshire.

A look at the weekend forecast by Accuweather shows we will be with in range of 100 degrees Saturday on the Seacoast (maybe hitting it inland).

BUT! Will we break any records?

The answer is no, probably not, as the NH high temp record was set over 100 years ago in 1911 when we topped a whopping 106 degrees, according to!

This occurred in Nashua during a heatwave in New England that lasted over a week.

But this will cool you down, according to, the average temp on top of Mount Washington is 38 degrees and the record low for the state (and maybe the region) was set there in 1934: 47 below zero. Brrrr.

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