They've been there since this past weekend, according to Sam Adams Facebook page.

I wonder who these belong to?

I did some looking in to the name that you can see in the picture, Rosina Ferragamo Schiavone, and these babies are NOT CHEAP.  The brand has it's own collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City!

I also found the website that sells this brand,, and the prices are very expensive.  I am not sure I would ever buy a pair of shoes that cost $600 - $1,000!

Maybe the person who put the shoes there is coming back for them.  Maybe, over the weekend, a woman named Isabelle  (they look like Isabelle's shoes, don't they?)  decided to take a dip in the Atlantic, much to the dismay of her houseboy, Luis.  (Of course Isabelle has a houseboy, Luis)  She took off her shoes, hiked up her beach skirt and towards the water she ran!  Oh, what a day for Isabelle!  She was joyful for the first time since her poor old husband Albert died in the Summer of '16.  Luis pleaded for her to come out of the water, for it was time for her afternoon tea!  Actually, Luis knew that she needed to take her afternoon medications, otherwise, she would be up all night.

Please come out of the water, Miss Isabelle!  I have your tea ready!

Isabelle finally turned to her loyal houseboy and relented.  She started to walk out of the water and stepped on a rock!  She screamed in agony!  (We've been there, Isabelle)  Luis ran to pick up her shoes and Isabelle said, "NO!  LEAVE THE SHOES!"

And so... they are still there.  On a rock, on Hampton Beach.

Maybe the owner actually WILL come back to get them.  If her name is Isabelle, I am quitting and becoming a psychic.

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