How can a brand new, beautiful poured concrete sidewalk cause such a headache in the magical town of Gonic NH? Allow me to explain!

bright orange traffic cones

Earlier this year, the formerly asphalt pathways along Oak Street in Gonic have been replaced with a very nicely constructed traditional cement sidewalk.

I want to emphasize that whoever the crew was that poured and set these new squares and corresponding ramps did a phenomenal job.

The old paths would buckle and twist a bit throughout the different seasons and this retro sidewalk is such an upgrade both aesthetically and from a safety standpoint.


After they were poured and set, they were secured with stakes, several traffic cones and 'Caution Tape'.

It's been well over a month and everything is still there!

The patience of the Gonic pedestrian community (I don't mean they're basic and boring, I mean people that would like to walk safely) predictably ran thin after a few weeks of having to walk in the street. One rebellious soul unceremoniously had a ribbon cutting ceremony all their own.

But it's still difficult to get around if you're attempting to drive in, or out, of the driveway. You have to make sure that both lanes of traffic are clear because it's impossible to avoid the stakes and cones and still stay in one lane.

Putting out the recycling and trash bins is another matter entirely.

You're either going to block your driveway, block the sidewalk or put the bins in the road. There are no good options!

I have to think that a couple of trucks with a small crew would take less than an hour to free the entire neighborhood from their prison of orange cones.

But still we wait. Hoping that maybe tomorrow will be the day that dream comes true.

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