Between talking to my Doctor yesterday and this new WMUR-TV report on the Portsmouth NH produced Moderna vaccine, it seems like availability is ALMOST here.

Jeffrey Hamilton

As a society, as a species, it's hard to overstate the enthusiasm within the expert community for some of the data that we're seeing right now.


In terms of safety and efficacy across age populations.


- Dr. Elizabeth Talbot - Professor of Infectious Disease - Dartmouth College

Major decisions are to be made over the next two weeks by the FDA on both the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna vaccine (I have affectionately named this one the Lonza shot).

And the distribution of it will then take place within 48 hours after the applications have been properly reviewed.

But availability could happen as early as DECEMBER 12 for Pfizer and then DECEMBER 17th for the Moderna vaccine? YES.

This of course, isn't a magic bullet. You will need to take two injections spaced over a few weeks. And the CDC will recommend masks and social distancing for as long as deemed necessary to control the spread.

It's an understatement to say that the past 9 months have been dark times. But just knowing that front line workers and our elderly community will be protected in the next month?

Finally the light is at the end of the tunnel!


Those tiny little bottles that you see on the 'B-roll' footage of news reports like the one above? They are not individual vaccines. According to my Doctor there are many, many doses in each one of those bottles.

Who knew?

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