Today, three highly intelligent football minds* provided wildly imaginative possibilities as to where TB12 will end up after this season. Here are our scenarios.

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Hugh from Eliot Small Engine:

To be fair, this is Hugh's friend's theory from the podcast entitled 'Mainely Stoopid' so, the subject matter isn't meant to be taken as Gospel with a title such as that.

In this bizarro world transaction, Jimmy Garopollo would return to The Pats and TB12 will go back to his hometown 49ers.

The level of conspiracy, subterfuge and collusion between Belichick, SF General Manager John Lynch (not to mention the 2 QB's involved) to make this happen would truly create the strangest trade in the history of pro sports.

I like it!

Jacob from Partners Bank:

Getting back down to Earth for a second, Jacob thinks that New Orleans back up Teddy Bridgewater could fit in nicely with The Patriots.

He had a terrific 6 game stint when Drew Brees injured his thumb earlier in the year.

Also, The Pats had him visit Foxboro as a possible draftee back in 2014.

It could happen!

A-Train's Uncle:

Brady stays for another year (or two) because The Pats offer him 45 or 50 million dollars.

Half of this money wouldn't be eligible for cap space because Brady would also be Offensive Coodinator with the departure of Josh McDaniels.

Double dipping salary at age 43 as a starting QB and OC?

Just because it hasn't happened before doesn't mean that it CAN'T happen, amirite?

*We are only intelligent football minds in our own minds

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