That may be a goofy play on words but this competition is VERY serious. I've got a big plate of Hannaford plain wings and I'm putting all three to the test.

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The Winner

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Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo Wing Sauce

Without a doubt the 'PERFECT' buffalo wing sauce! The consistency, the balance of both tangy and heat.


The only complaint I have is that it poured out of the bottle too fast but that wasn't a problem for long. Makes me wish I didn't botch the photo above so badly.

Silver Medal Winner

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Frank's Red Hot

This kills me to have to put Red Hot in 2nd Place. I go back over 30 years with this stuff, when I used to call it 'Gurkee Red Hot' but the company's name was actually Durkee.

Still an excellent low heat sauce, it just didn't quite measure up on the tangy scale to Sweet Baby Ray's.

3rd Place

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Sweet Baby Ray's Creamy Buffalo Wing Dipping Sauce

Not even close to it's namesake. I think this stuff would be far better served with bread. On a plain cheese pizza or a grilled chicken sub? AWESOME. But just on a wing? Nowhere near the Bufftastic levels of the previous contestants.

I might even try it on pretzels or chips though. The possibilities are countless!