I've written quite a bit about themed attractions and amusement parks in New England because, well frankly, there is such an abundance and rich history for them here.

A few weeks back I had written about my memories of the early 80s at Story Land's "Voyage to the Moon" attraction and just yesterday history of "Santa's Village" in nearby Jefferson; in those days any kid like me getting to visit the area was likely also going to complete the amusement trifecta with a stop at Six Gun City also in Jefferson/Mount Washington.

As noted by WMUR-TV the park/themed area opened in the 1950s and thru the 2014 featured a wild west town recreation, "edu-tainment" displays and artifacts touting life in the old west and live shows featuring cowboys and villains and the like.

As a kid, I remember getting cap guns and a holster and running around with my pal from school playing "Sheriff and train robber," which in retrospect may not have been the safest activity or the best way to learn of US history in the west. This coupled with changing tastes and upkeep costs led to the park changing in 2014 by name to Fort Jefferson Fun Park and focusing away from solely "Wild West" theme-ing. The place is now closed.

For those of us that grew up with it, Six Gun City NH remains a fun and unique childhood experience memory.

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