Here's something you don't see every day.

Generally, seeing turtles around here isn't unusual. Especially as the weather gets warmer, you might spot a group of them sunning themselves out on a rock or log, like these turtles did at the park where Benson's Wild Animal Farm used to be. Gotta get that nice summer tan, after all.

That said, that lounging reptile posse has got nothing on this large group of turtles swimming together in Exeter, New Hampshire. Shoutout to Mark Estes, who posted this to the u local New Hampshire Facebook group and appropriately dubbed it the "Gathering of the Turtles".

Look at all these little guys and gals.

Marc Estes via Facebook
Marc Estes via Facebook

After taking a minute to do some counting, we think that there are around 30-31 turtles in this image. Even if you've seen a group of them lounging on land, have you ever seen that many poking their heads out of the water at once? This writer hasn't.

Now, we must ask ourselves: what is this grand turtle assembly planning? Are they simply looking for their next meal or place to sunbathe, or are they plotting world domination (or perhaps this particular lake first)? Maybe they're having their bi-weekly team meeting or a belated celebration of National Turtle Day, which was coincidentally two days ago on May 23. What do you think?

We don't know what exactly is happening here, but we wish we were cool enough to be part of this elite turtle club.

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