How stupid can you be? Let me count the ways...

One thing that makes you not only stupid but disrespectful is driving your car onto a beach to 'make donuts' in the sand. According to the Mount Desert Islander Facebook page, this happened.


They write,

After spending the night on a mud flat in Bar Harbor, Island Towing is trying to remove a Ford Bronco from the water this morning. According to eye witness accounts, the occupants of the vehicle made it out safely last night after a failed attempt at making 'donuts' in the sand. I guess they didn't hear about the folks at Seal Harbor beach a few months back?

Since people have drones, there's some great footage of this car and then attempt to get it out!

Wait, this has happened before? It sure has! It was December 29, 2021. Not that long ago that another idiot graced Seal Harbor Beach. Island Towing was busy that night also when the Mount Desert Islander reported yet again on dummies driving, cutting donuts, and getting stuck. This time it was 4 young men who all got out safely, but their 2021 Dodge Charger couldn't be towed until the next low tide. This meant that the tide buried the car and it was a complete loss. But wow, look at the cool circles they made in the sand. This picture was taken by Aerial Aesthetic using a drone.

Aerial Aesthetic - Seal Harbor
Aerial Aesthetic - Seal Harbor

The 25-year-old driver, Saravanan Parthiban, was first charged with criminal mischief, but that was upgraded to driving to endanger. He and the other 3 were all graduate students from schools across the country. Hmm. Guess they don't teach common sense in those graduate programs. Beyond being disrespectful to the land, it's just plain stupid. Let's hope they pay for the recovery of their useless car too. Why?


The good news is that maybe they learned their lesson? Oh and if you see a 2021 Dodge Charger or a fairly new Ford Bronco on Craig's List - look for water damage.

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