I went to school in Burlington, Vermont, for a few years and there was a kid named Scott who used to ride a unicycle everywhere he went. If you saw a unicycle in the distance, then you knew Scott was on the move.

If you happen to see a unicycle on the side of the road heading south, it could possibly be Scott but it’s probably Avery Seuter, a Mainer from Wells.

A 19-Year-Old is Riding a Unicycle from Maine to Florida

Avery Seuter is a 19-year-old from Wells, Maine, currently on a long and interesting journey from Maine to Florida. I’ve driven from our state down to Southern Florida more times than I can count but it was never on a unicycle.

As Seuter shared with ABC7, he can only go about 8 or 9 miles per hour on the unicycle which averages him to make about 20-30 miles per day. He expects to make it to Key West by the end of January.

But why is he doing it?

The brave and determined teenager is raising money and awareness for the East Coast Greenway Alliance, which is a cycling route that would connect 15 states. Hence the unicycle.

Well, Seuter, you’re doing a great job because your name is all over my newsfeeds and I never knew about this greenway alliance until now. I am all for new ways to travel without needing cars and clogging up our roads, so this is really cool.

As CBS17 shares, he’s been camping in backyards and sharing meals with strangers along the way. My favorite part is a quote from Seuter himself that reads, “everything is a lot more connected than it feels.”

I can only imagine the mental, emotional, spiritual, and of course, physical growth this 19-year-old is enduring and I know he will come out of this a stronger, more cultured, experienced guy. This is one hell of a journey.

You got this, Avery!

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