My mind is racing right now.  Why is Tom and Gisele selling their Brookline home?  I'm hoping that they just want to pump out more incredibly talented babies that will soon save the world and they just need a bigger house.

According to Real Estate by, yesterday, a listing went up for the Brady's home located at 112 Woodland Road in Brookline, Mass.  Asking price, a bargain at $39.5 million dollars.  The article also states that last week, Tom and Gisele were house hunting in Connecticut and New Jersey.

What. The. Holy. Hell. IS GOING ON?!!!

The story also says that the Brady's are no stranger to real estate deals.  In 2012, they sold a home on Beacon Street and moved in to Brookline.  No excitement there, still in Boston.  They also built a home in California, but again, no shake up there, Tommy is FROM California, so I thought - maybe he's building it for his family, but now they're looking to real estate in JERSEY?!!!  I'm freaked out.

The house in Brookline sounds incredible though, I must say.  (Of course, it would be....)  Almost 10,000 square feet of living space, with all the things that you could imagine and maybe some things that you couldn't, like.... "an organic vegetable/herb garden," a "barn-inspired guest house," and a yoga studio with walls that open up to give the residents a "Zen-like experience."  God, I want that house.  But I want Tom Brady to stay put even more!!

OOOOMMMMM......... OOOOOOOMMMMM.......  I got your Zen right here!!

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