Residents of Portsmouth are seeing another business close and this time, it feels like another piece of their beloved city is becoming a distant memory.  Portsmouth Health Food store is closing.  Even if people didn't go in very often, it still feels like another piece of the city is leaving.  The City is becoming something that they don't even recognize.


Portsmouth Health Food Store Was Vegan Before Vegan was Cool

At one point in my life, I was a practicing vegetarian.  Never really went all the way to vegan, but I did enjoy and still do, a great vegan meal.  Portsmouth Health Food introduced me to delicious meals that I could make completely meat-free.  The produce was all free of chemicals and they always had a great selection.  They also had a cafe in the back of the store that made it possible to try new things before you tried to make them on your own.  In addition to the food, you could also buy healthy products like, aluminum-free deodorant or vitamins and minerals to improve your health and well-being.

Hate to admit this, but I kinda saw this one coming.  

Portsmouth Health Food store has been owned and operated by the Nelson Family since 1978.  The relationships that they have developed with the Community will stay with them long after they have closed.  If you are one of those people, you know that the store echoed how Portsmouth itself used to be.  Cool, off the beaten path, not over-run by tourists.  In recent years, as Portsmouth began to grow, the store looked more and more like a throwback from days gone by.  Hotels and high rise parking have been coming in being built at lightning-speed and the Portsmouth of old is fading away with it's closing.  I remember wondering the last time I was stuck at the light just in front of their door how long it would last with all the changes.

Thanks for all the deliciousness.

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