Already down 0-1 in their opening playoff series VS. old friend Kyrie Irving and The Brooklyn Nets, tonight, The Boston Celtics are about to reach what many believe is the point of no return.

Boston Celtics v Brooklyn Nets - Game One
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The problems concerning the Celtics and their seemingly doomed season are too many to mention.

Losing All-Star Jaylen Brown for the rest of the season, just two weeks ago, due to a wrist injury looms as large as any.

However, the reason I'm hitting the panic button already on a 'Best of 7' series is due to a factor that is completely out of their control.

The schedule.

The fact that they are playing Game Three on Friday night, literally hours before the day when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will allow nearly full capacity at TD Garden?

You can't get more frustrating timing than that.

The home court advantage you receive from a packed house of screaming fans in the NBA is stronger than any other sport. It's not even close!

If the Celtics lose tonight, the prospects of them tying the series over the weekend, half of which in a half empty building?

I think they'll be making tee times on Monday morning.

Thankfully for the prospects of writing a clear and concise article though, the fact that they need to win IMMEDIATELY helps to bring into focus the things that they can control.

They still match up better against Brooklyn defensively and if they can play two halves of basketball that resemble the first half from Saturday night? They will win.

It may sound delusional at this point, but I think this will be a legit series with a packed Garden in the mix.

But first, they need to win tonight!

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