A very nice and dirt free report from WMUR's Jess Moran from the wilds of the North Country. Mike Rowe visited Woodsville Elementary School in Haverhill for his Facebook Watch Show 'Returning the Favor'.

Rowe and his crew are visiting Isidro Rodriguez who began the foundation 'Food4Kids' as an effort to reduce student lunch debt, a serious problem virtually hitting every nook and cranny of America.

When children are not registered for reduced or free lunches, they are provided a cost effective 'cold lunch' as an alternative. This is a double edged sword because it not only causes debt in the school lunch program, but also embarrassment for the child as well.

Rodriguez' foundation recently raised almost $5000 in one month which eliminated the debt of around 150 families from EIGHT schools in the area.

Mike Rowe surprised Mr. Rodriguez, not only with his visit, but with additional fund raising activities. To see just how much lunch debt they paid off, WATCH the episode right here!

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