Just because there are a ton of acorns doesn't mean you should rush to attach the plow.

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You're out for a nice leaf peeping drive. Rounding a corner, you hear a sharp thud on your roof. Then, another one. Are you under attack? Well, kind of.

While you suddenly haven't found yourself in the middle of a Hollywood (or real life) shootout, acorns are to blame.

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Last fall, it was squirrels. Remember that? Every 500 feet, you were dodging squirrels to varying degrees of success.

In 2019, New Hampshire has an acorn problem on our hands.

Rob Stothard

New Hampshire is experiencing a bumper crop of acorns this fall. Every relative over the age of 65 will immediately point to a "sure sign of a harsh winter." Not so fast.

While considered a "mast year," a ton of snow isn't a sure lock.

According to NYGB,  "A mast year is not a predictor of a severe winter. Unfortunately, plants and animals are no better at predicting the future than we are."

Also, weather variables cannot account for the excessive nutty production of acorns in a mast year.