Virtually every scheduling option for this iconic annual event is still on the table.

61st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
David McNew

How did this slip my mind? So many of my family members and friends schedule their summer vacations to enjoy Bike Week in Laconia (and beyond) and the second week of June is right around the corner if you think about it.

According to this WMUR-TV report, the organizers in Laconia will not officially make any decision until the end of this month.

They have mentioned that the week of August 22nd could be the new date but as of right now the week of June 13th is still officially on the books.

I have got to think that any postponement of this event will only increase the interest and involvement once the world gets back to normal.

In my humble opinion, after months and months of cabin fever on top of the winter season that Granite State bikers normally endure, this year's Bike Week will be one of the best attended ever.

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