Despite the worst season of Pats football in twenty years, the next broadcast with Bob Socci and Scott Zolak may be one for the ages if Bob keeps his promise.

At the end of the night hopefully if the Patriots win, after this losing streak is ended, I'll break out 'The Party's Over' in honor of Dandy Don (Don Meredith).


- Bob Socci's Promise To Sing (?)

For those of you that may be under the age of 45, the early seasons of MNF were hosted by Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford and Don Meredith.

They were decked out in bright mustard yellow blazers that had the ABC Sports logo on the lapel.

Traditionally, whenever the game was out of reach for the losing team, 'Dandy Don' would break into a rousing chorus of Willie Nelson's 'The Party's Over'.

After a hideous stretch of 'The Covid Game' in KC, the Denver debacle after a Bye week that really wasn't, getting crushed by The Niners and the heartbreaking Buffalo loss yesterday, I actually think Bob might keep his promise!

Everybody I talk to lately, is feeling a sickening sort of nostalgia. Since The Pats have been one of the best teams for so long, all my friends and family are reminiscing about the bad old days.

The last season that Coach Belichick oversaw WITHOUT TB12 was a 5-11 campaign with Drew Bledsoe at quarterback. This year has gone so poorly that I can barely envision them winning 3 more games.

Maybe if Bob Socci belts out some Willie Nelson, things will finally start to turn around!

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