Looks like a Cold Flip Flop Winter Ahead for this Year

It’s that time of year again when the Farmers’ Almanac publishes its annual winter forecast. Will it be snowy or unseasonably warm?

According to the Farmers’ Almanac 2021-2022 Winter Outlook map, they are calling it a “flip-flop” Winter.

Get your skis ready, looks like we will get some snow but the big burst of it won’t hit till January in our area.

If you are planning on traveling…

The upper west of the United States is looking typical.  The South is going to be a bit chilly.

Here in the North, we are expected to have a quiet beginning to winter while the rest of the nation has storms to contend with.

Hold onto your bonnets because the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting we will get hit with a “winter whopper” toward the end of February and that January will be cold.

Hmm, cold in New England in January?  Who knew? Do you think that prediction is a stretch?

They are forecasting a drier winter for us in New Hampshire. I want more snow.

Some People Swear by the Farmers’ Almanac

My father-in-law swore by the Farmer’s Almanac every year.  He anxiously awaited their forecast each year and when proven wrong, he would say we didn’t read it correctly.

I’m down for a snowy winter.  There is nothing more beautiful than the Christmas Tree in Rochester during a snowstorm.

Whichever way the winter forecast turns out, make sure you have your emergency supplies ready just in case both in the car and at home.

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