I really hope the plants that I put in the ground on Monday aren't going to freeze.  They are already in danger of dying simply because I don't know what I'm doing with the garden and now, Mother Nature throws us temps in the LOW 40's?!!

As it is, I've planted tomatoes next to cucumbers and I'm not sure I should have done that.  Not to mention the basil and strawberries that are, for now, living happily side by side.  Well, I say happily, but it was so cold last night, I thought everything would die!

I did by the Miracle grow dirt for the plants, but I'm not so sure that I put the plants deep enough in the ground.  I watered them after I planted them, but they didn't look very happy after I did so!  I mean, I was gentle and all, but that water was COLD!  I know if I were that plant, I wouldn't be psyched about the temp.

I'll follow up with you with this little bitty garden.  Wish me a healthy bounty of fruits and veggies, but it's a long shot!

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