All day I've been waiting for the rumor to be confirmed but no updates so far. This trade will be bittersweet if the speculation is true, as it will most likely mean my favorite player will be sent to Orlando.

Boston Celtics v Toronto Raptors
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CBS Sports, as well as many other NBA sources, are hinting that this trade of Marcus Smart to Orlando could very well happen any minute.

The only reason I've been watching the Celts this year is to watch Number 36 tear through the opposing team like a running back trying to get a first down.

This is very ironic because, I generally can't stand sports that encourage flopping and/or diving. And one of Marcus Smart's skill sets is taking charge after charge.

But he EARNS those calls by how intense he dives! It's like a twenty foot version of the old 'Nestea Plunge'.

I wondered how long I would need to find a perfect photo of him on the floor, scrapping for the ball like it's a rugby match, and I didn't have to look for very long.

The Celtics are in desperate need of a change in their lineup and maybe acquiring the 6'8" forward Gordon as well as forward/guard Evan Fornier will provide a much needed boost.

But I just can't picture the Boston Celtics without Marcus Smart on the team.

He is their true emotional leader and they've always been a better team when he is on the floor, both literally and figuratively.

If this trade speculation is true, it will take some getting used to on my behalf.

It hasn't been confirmed and I miss him already!

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