As 'Your Home For New England Patriots Football', we HAVE to mention the 'Jimmy G' bombshell that had all of Pats Nation is a tizzy this weekend. Could he be coming back to Gillette Stadium?

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals
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There's a lot to unpack here, just in this featured image!

For those of you that may need a refresher in Jimmy G/Pats history, this photo is from Game One of the 2016 Season.

The New England Patriots were without Tom Brady because of the 4 game 'Deflate Gate' suspension and Mr. Garoppolo fared quite well taking on The Arizona Cardinals, defeating them 23-21.

See how happy Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels (at the right of the photo)looks here?

The next week, Jimmy would fare even better, throwing 3 touchdowns against Miami before getting his shoulder crushed in the 2nd Quarter and sadly, he'd never take another meaningful snap with The Pats ever again.

The source that put forth the 'firestorm take' that the Pats 'Plan A' is to bring back Jimmy G, should be familiar to fans that listen to the radio broadcasts here on The Shark.

He is Greg Bedard, who is the not only the chief football analyst of the website Boston Sports Journal, that wrote that article, he is the editor and owner as well.

You can hear Greg on the official postgame show that we air after every Patriots game throughout the season.

I always enjoy listening to both Joe and 'Big Jim' Murray talk with Greg Bedard after every game, as they're a refreshing change of pace from the 'hot taking' and 'noise making' that dominates the current sports talk landscape.

That's why I think this piece that illustrates New England's desire to bring back Garoppolo is legit.

I would love to see Jimmy G back here with Josh McDaniels once again. I think that as long as he stays healthy, they'll be competing with Buffalo for the division title all year and right back in the playoffs, where they belong!

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