Not 24 hours have passed since most of NH has been determined to be in a MODERATE DROUGHT and now, there's an outside chance that the Sahara desert dust cloud could reach us?

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So the OFFICIAL answer from most meteorologists is that the closest these sand particles will drift is the State of Maryland.


When are meteorologists ever 100% correct with any prediction?

AND you have to realize how far this dust has traveled already to put in perspective just how likely it is to reach New England.

Sure the Sahara Desert is approximately 5,500 miles away, but the journey this cloud has taken is unbelievably long.

From all I've read, it started to kick up in southeastern Libya (!) and traveled on a southwestern path down over the Caribbean and the extreme north east of Venezuela and Columbia.

Throughout this weekend it will billow slowly northward and our jet stream will begin to carry it on the all too familiar corridor that delivers snow every day from November til May.

Even though the northern most predictions of 'sandfall' will be seen at Chesapeake Bay? The effects of this plume can be visible as far north as New Jersey.

The little sand particles reflect light in millions of directions and during sunrises and sunsets the sky fires up like a neon creamsicle! A desert AND a dessert all in one!

The way I see it? If this dust cloud can make it from Tripoli to Caracas to Wilmington? Why can't it go just 5% further and land in New England? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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