Starting today and for the rest of the week, the prize for 'Fish Hooks' will be a pair of tickets to our 'Soups On!' event on Saturday March 4th at the Great Bay Community College Gym from 11-2!

So, around 3:30 in the afternoon each weekday, I will play 3 songs in a row, those 3 songs will somehow be connected, that is what we call the 'Fish Hook.' If you can figure out the correct answer and be the first caller at 1-877-45-SHARK, you will receive 2 tickets to 'Soup's On!'

'Soup's On!' will be a fantastic event, really excited for this one, because, well, I love soup and chili and chowders and beer (Sam Adams for purchase) and all of those things will be present on March 4th at the Great Bay Community College Gym, oh did I mention live music, because we'll have that too! It's a SOUP PARTY!!

If you aren't lucky enough to win tickets, you can purchase them, they're quite inexpensive if you buy in advance, only 10 bucks and parking is FREE!

The best part is that some of the proceeds go to End 68 Hours of Hunger, they do great work.


Trust me, you won't find any 'Soup Nazi's' at 'Soup's On!'

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