I don't blame this winner. When I win, I'm doing everything I can to remain anonymous.

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The winner of the $487 million Powerball jackpot in July is still a mystery, but the state lottery is a step closer to knowing their identity.

A group of lawyers who represent the winner has been in touch with lottery officials. Apparently a photo-copy of the ticket has been seen, but not the real one.

According to the NH Lottery website:

New Hampshire state law requires the winner's name, town and amount won be available for public information in accordance with RSA 91-A. A winner's street address and phone number is not considered public information.

I'm not a fan of that law, and don't know why it's on the books. Why should you have to tell everybody you just came into some winnings? It's really nobody's business but the winners.

To me, it could add a bunch more problems to a situation that might already hold some. Hire lawyers, hire accountants, set up a trust, claim the winnings in the name of the trust, and live happily ever after.

I was happy to hear that the Hannaford in Raymond, where the winning ticket was sold, got their commission check worth $74,000 and donated the amount to six nonprofit groups.

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