In my 16 years working here at The Shark, I have NEVER seen a Winter Storm affect both our markets THIS dramatically and it's JUST a matter of 22 miles! Only in New England.

This up to the minute forecast from WMUR-TV's meteorologist Kevin Skarupa shows us that the oncoming storm seems to stall EXACTLY on the border between New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This is the Google Maps view of the route between our 102-1 radio broadcast tower (In Seabrook) and the 105-3 tower (in Eliot, ME).

Watch the expected path of the storm a few times now while keeping these two locations in mind. It splits the region RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!

Being a lifelong resident of the 105-3 region, I am very happy with this latest development but I am of course concerned about my dear friends in the land of 102-1.

Hopefully, this whole mess will track another 22 miles south and we can ALL be spared. Be safe everyone!

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