This epic WKRP sweatshirt that Bill Fox from WOKQ was wearing this morning had me singing a song that really doesn't exist with lyrics that aren't really words. Do you know what song I mean?

Train Images
Train Images

WKRP Closing Credits Song

After much research, (actually mostly from what Bill Fox told me), this tune really isn't a song at all.

It was written by Jim Ellis and performed by studio musicians in Atlanta. None of the lyrics are actual words, they just sound good!

This 'song' was produced because the TV show had a very limited budget to spend on music rights.

The show's creator, the late Hugh Wilson has a very interesting discussion above about 'needle drops' and the high cost of playing those current 'Classic Hits'.

I've been listening to that Closing Theme 'Song' for an hour now, and I still can't figure out one word!

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