One of our Year of Service partners, Working Dog Foundation, is having a really cool event coming up on Saturday, April 24, "Paint for the Pups!"

This sounds like a great event made just for me!  I love to paint and I love dogs!  A perfect marriage!  Maybe you love to paint and dogs too?  We should go!

Here's how it works:  It's not your usual paint night.  You choose your design from a website and all supplies will be ready for you the night of the event.  Working Dog Foundation is working with Sawdust & Stain DIY Studio and their instructor, Jessica, will walk you through your design.

Sounds REALLY fun!

The event is going to be at The Brook in Seabrook, beginning at 5pm, so you can play some games too, if you want!

In case you missed the article with the announcement of the Winners of the Year of Service, Working Dog Foundation was one of the winners.  Their mission is to make sure that the communities of NH, Maine and Massachusetts would always have the funds available to train and take great care of their K-9 teams.  Sometimes, town money is tight and funds are reduced for these amazing programs.  Working Dog Foundation  maintains this important programs with donations from people like you!  Not only does Working Dog Foundation do all that, but they also raise money for training facilities and certifying the K-9's to work with Police!

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