This dish may take 6 hours to cook but it is without a doubt the easiest recipe I've ever seen and the best tasting chicken dish I've ever made.

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Two Boneless Chicken Breasts (fresh not frozen)

One 24 Ounce Jar of Salsa (the big one not the little one)


Pour half of the jar into the crock pot.

Place chicken breasts in.

Cover the chicken breasts with the rest of the salsa.

Wash your hands.

Put the crock pot on low.

Wait 6 hours.

The chicken is perfectly cooked, very easy to shred if you want to get fancy. I just dumped it right onto a big bowl and ate it as is.

I want to thank FBT Transformations in Brentwood for giving me this recipe. They've been saying it's amazing for years and I've never tried it until just now.


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Time lapse photography. The exact same dish 2 minutes later!