If you listen to the Shark on your radio this weekend, we present an "Outta This World" weekend with songs on the playlist like "Rocket Man" and "Man on the Moon" as the world marks the 50th the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing by NASA on July 20 1969.

If you're looking for a fun way to personally celebrate here in the Granite State and are a pop culture fan, too, you might enjoy meeting the robot B-9 from the classic 1960s tv series (and its spinoffs) "Lost in Space."

To be fair, it's an exact replica made to travel to comic book conventions, stores and the like and not one of the props used on the old tv show.

The one most often seen on tv is owned by filmmaker Kevin Burns, who commissioned the replica and one other from the show is in a Seattle aerospace museum.

But the replica is on its way to New Hampshire, according to lakewinnipesaukeenh.com, and it'll be at Wolfeboro Bay Hobby Shop from 10am to 5pm Saturday for you to take a picture with.

It might be quite the crowd so "Danger Will Robinson!"

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