Ahhhh, the smell of gasoline, exhaust, and burning tires, you can't beat it. Thanks to Sunoco and their new 'Burnt Rubber' cologne, you can smell like you've been working with the pit crew all day.

Well, many celebrities have their own perfume or cologne, so why not an American petroleum and petrochemical manufacturer? Makes sense, right?

I guess I shouldn't knock it until I smell it, but I don't know anyone that wants to stink like a race track, and I don't want to hang out with anyone that smells like tires and race fuel.

I understand that those scents can be intoxicating, but in moderation. Who wants to smell like oil when you're jammin' out at the club?

The thing that really gets me is that they pronounce rubber with a french accent, like it's a sexy word. It's not, and pronouncing it that way makes this fragrance seem like a joke.

Is this a joke, or can I really buy this stuff? Fathers Day gift? No thanks!