I can't figure out if this is pure genius, or extreme stupidity. Or maybe both. Someone from Concord, New Hampshire posted an ad on Facebook Marketplace yesterday, along with a photo of a couple of sticks. In a short but sweet caption, the seller wrote "I SELL SNOWMAN ARMS, $50."


Now at this point you're probably thinking, "what an idiot...who's gonna pay fifty bucks for a couple of sticks?" Well, it looks like the poster is getting the last laugh...the item appears to have been sold! You have to admit though, those sticks look like they'd be perfect for a snowman. Probably a miniature one, but still. This actually kind of inspires me to go outside looking for random things to assign a clever use for, and post them for a ridiculous amount of money. Imagine if you could make a living doing that? Have you ever gotten away with selling something cheap for a good amount of money? We'd love to hear about it. Tell us with a comment on the Facebook page!