I can't laugh too hard at this video because this could easily be me.

Though math was never my strong suit, I am pretty good a spatial equations, and I'm pretty sure even I would know that sofa just isn't going to fit in that car. Oh sure, once you've lifted the darn thing, you've got to do all the manuvering to figure it out for yourself (and try to save face in front of the on-lookers), but after a minute, it's pretty obvious it's not going to work. These folks don't seem to get the message, and that is the beauty of this video.

Again, tough for me to throw a stone, for even though I've moved about 25 times, I still pause every time I have to bring a sofa through a doorway. Standing there, figuring out the best angle..etc. No matter how often I've done it, each time is like I'm doing it for the first time.

Bottom line...hire movers.