Will Hindle is an 11 year old 5th grader and somebody should have hired him yesterday.

Will's mother, Taylor Hindle, said Will rode his bike to school throughout the colder-than-usual winter and even on the one day the school had a two-hour delay. Offering her son a ride each morning if he wanted it, she said he never accepted.' The distance from the Hindles' home on Rands Lane to the school is just over half a mile, but the mental distance to stick to a goal is what was most impressive. Will's father, Ray Hindle, said his son just "always wanted to do it." Will admitted there were definitely days when he wanted to call it quits, but he "just didn't."

Crystal A. Weyers

Seacoast online

 Last August, Will's teachers at Rye Elementary asked the students to set a goal for the year. Will decided he wanted to ride his bike to school every day, and as of yesterday, he has. I lived about a mile from both my Middle School and High School, and never once thought about riding my bike to and from every day (mostly because there was a huge hill to deal with right out of the gate, and ..well...it was 7am..ok?). So a shout out to a goal accomplished and a pat on the back to an 11 year old who's going places whether he's on or off his bike.