Quickest Bridge Reconstruction in Recent NH History
A small segment of the Gonic, NH population was very relieved to finally have access to the back half of their property after several months. Fritz Wetherbee could tell ya this tale better no doubt, but you'll have to settle for me.
This Throwback Stack is From Thirty Pounds Ago
Sadly, my phone is clogged with pictures like these. But thanks to Fit Body Transformations in Brentwood, as of today I've lost thirty pounds since October which equals one hundred and twenty quarter pounders.
Do Yourself A Favor And Grill A TastyKake Pie [PHOTO]
I was in the grocery store the other day and saw a display with TastyKake's for a dollar. Sold. Cherry and apple pie, glazed. I have been wanting to throw one of these on the grill for awhile. I'm glad I did. Everything is better grilled.

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