For two weeks in a row, world renowned spirit medium Maureen Hancock has given an amazing reading to a member of the Shark sales staff while astounding both members of The Shark Morning Show in the process.

If you missed the readings, we have both of them here for you to enjoy or perhaps judge for yourself.

On a personal note, I've worked with Sheila since the 90's, so I know her family quite well and thought it was uncanny when Maureen asked about a "J-O" (her husband John) and a "K" (one of her two daughters Katie).

The most stunning aspect of this reading is when Laura mentions that her father passed away in Florida and Maureen doesn't even react to that confirmation, it seems almost as if she is still listening to the great beyond.

If you've thoroughly enjoyed our "Maureen Thursdays" you need to see her at The Music Hall of Portsmouth on August 9th. These reading were done through the phone from Presque Isle, ME and in a CT airport respectively. I can only imagine how jaw-dropping the readings will be when she is right there in person.

Here's the first segment (above) of "Psychic In Suburbia" as promised in the headline of this post!