If I had to write a list of things I hate, the very first thing would be The New York Yankees. Not far down that list would be the Los Angeles Lakers. If you asked me why, I'd probably rage for hours. But nowhere on that list would be any team from Chicago.

Getty Images/Jamie Squire

The picture above is the statue of Michael Jordan wearing a Blackhawks sweater. Why do I not see it as the guy that racked up 6 NBA Championships while my Celts were trying to win 15 games, wearing the gear of a team that ripped my heart out only 10 months ago?

This may be the worst attempt at rap in the history of the art form, performed by a Chicago Bears team that destroyed my '85 Pats by 36 points in Super Bowl XX. But I just laugh at it and shrug while saying "46-10!" like a bad punch line.

I have no clue why there's a total lack of animosity. I've had a couple layovers at Chicago's Midway airport that were completely forgettable. Maybe I feel bad that the Cubs haven't won in 106 years and I know how it feels. I just can't hate Chicago no matter how hard I try and I'd like to apologize.

Alright, now I'm more confused than when I began writing this post.