This is a fascinating graph from the masters of that particular art form USA Today.

According to a new Gallup poll, when it comes to having state pride, NH is the leader in the New England clubhouse(and east of the Mississippi river!) at 67% and Rhode Island is surprisingly last in the entire nation at a shocking 18%.

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Why the people of Rhodey are so down on their own state is beyond me, they have a beautiful seacoast, the Paw Sox and Family Guy. Maybe size does matter because Alaska and Texas are both in the top ten.

Massachusetts is at only 46% but I think it's statistically inconclusive as every Bay State resident I know takes pride in their ability to be in this case 46% is really 54% and I shall prove it.

Getty Images/Barry Brecheisen

The two men in this picture who aren't smiling have strong Massachusetts roots. Louis CK, who grew up in Newton and Nick Dipaolo of Danvers, MA. they are two of the funniest and proudly miserable people on this planet. Therefore 46% = 54%!!!!!!!