Women around the world are in mourning with the news of the George Clooney engagement to attorney Amal Alamuddin, 36. The woman on the far right of the above photo.

Suits - USA Network

She looks quite similar to the actress Aarti Mann (pictured above) who portrays 'Priya' on 'The Big Bang Theory', and that character is also a multi-lingual high-powered attorney. This coincidence is too strong for me to not obsess about in ways that only make sense to someone that hasn't slept in two days.

Getty Images/Jason LaVeris

That clearly puts Stacy Keibler(pictured above) in the role of 'Penny' in the Leonard/Priya/Penny love triangle and even I must admit Clooney as 'Dr. Hofstader' is a stretch that nearly bends the law of physics.

But the idea of them all sitting around an Italian villa eating Thai food having awkward and witty conversations is a show we'd all love to see...

God I need a nap.