Whenever I have the opportunity to scream 'GONIC!' in my headline, I do just that. There's a guitar company located in The Gonic Mill that will have quite a presence on tonight's episode of 'Bull' (9pm est on CBS.)

According to Foster's, Ben 'Gitty' Baker (performing above), the owner and operator of the 15 employee business, not only supplied all of the cigar box style guitars on tonight's episode but consulted the set design in NYC to better reflect an authentic guitar workshop.

I have to think that since 'Bull' is one of the hottest shows this season, Mr. Baker's 'Gittyleles' will be flying off the shelf as they will be seen by no less than 15 MILLION VIEWERS TONIGHT!

I don't know how many more examples I need to highlight on this website to further prove my point that Gonic, NH is the GREATEST CITY ON EARTH!