We've always had a greaseboard (dry erase board) in The Shark Tank for as long as I've worked here. It's primary function is for posting any shifts during vacations of full time broadcasters. Other than that it is covered with crude and mostly lewd illustrations, words or phrases that no human being would or should find amusing in any way. Ahh, but for a few magic days in January it is ...


After The Pats regular season is completed, I will schedule their next post-season game INCLUDING their opponent, even though who (whom?) (to whom?) that opponent may be is still very much up in the air. In the last few years, The NFL has scheduled kickoff dates and times of the 2nd round Divisional Championships...I am not pleased with this at all. Half the fun of the PPG is selecting the opponent AND the date and time of kickoff. In the 2003 inaugural season of the PPG, I predicted not only The Tennessee Titans would be coming to Foxboro (a Wild Card underdog opponent of The Ravens) but that they would play on Saturday night, Jan 10th with an 8pm kickoff. Many in this building trembled in fear of this powerful oracle and continue to do so to this day...so without further review (haha) BEHOLD!!

Who Dey?

As you can see the mighty powers of the PPG do not overtake my artistic talents, in fact I just do the best I can replicating the logo of the team that it proclaims, I am but a meager conduit for it's prophecy. So Pats fans, gear up for a matchup with Andy Dalton and The Cincinnati Bengals!