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The 'Uncle Gus Show' a NH Game Show for 70's Kids
I can't believe I actually found footage of 'Uncle Gus' hosting 'The Uncle Gus Show' on WMUR-TV back in the 1970's. I was on that show and I won quite a prize for solving a word scramble!
Listen to Gary Hoey Rock These Classic Christmas Tunes
He's playing live at The Tupelo Music Hall on Saturday night and if you don't have a ticket, you ain't gettin in! (SOLD OUT) However, he shreds ever so brilliantly on a couple classics on today's interview. Listen here!
U Pick Em Crew Has Another Double Win Week
Not to mention a yearlong record of 18-6. EIGHTEEN and SIX. I'm telling you, just try to do better than that. As you can ascertain from this week's 'U Pick Em' segment, I certainly wouldn't be able to accomplish that feat.
U Pick Em Nightmare Comes True
Slowly but surely, Sarah has been chipping away at my U Pick Em lead. I made a crucial error last week and as you can see, she made me pay for it DEARLY.
Snow Plows Create Fun Sled Hills for NH Kids
I was watching my nephews climb up this 'snow plow hill' and drop out of sight over and over yesterday, then, I decided to see how far they were sledding. Not a good idea.
Hunter in NH Helps Identify Victim
Sharp eyes and a sharp mind greatly contributed to the identification of a victim who was struck and on I-93 last week. This fascinating story on WMUR-TV could easily be an episode of CSI and it happened right here in NH.