WARNING: You May Be Swallowing Deadly Grill Brush Bristles
Most of us that grill have one of those wire brushes handy to scrape the grate and get rid of all that caked on food. I mean, you don't want to taste last nights crusty sauce on today's freshly marinated steak, right? Did you know that the bristles on those brushes can be deadly?
Do Yourself A Favor And Grill A TastyKake Pie [PHOTO]
I was in the grocery store the other day and saw a display with TastyKake's for a dollar. Sold. Cherry and apple pie, glazed. I have been wanting to throw one of these on the grill for awhile. I'm glad I did. Everything is better grilled.
Grill It or Kill It: How Do Grilled Twinkies Taste? [VIDEO]
Introducing a new video series where I will be grilling items you don't normally think to grill, then I let you know if the food is tasty when grilled or if it should be killed. Ladies and gentleman, this is 'Grill It or Kill It.' Episode 1: Twinkies.