And here we go again. Just after the Patriots crushed the Colts 45-7 to win the AFC Championship, Bob Kravitz of WTHR Indianapolis, tweeted that the NFL is investigating the possibility that New England deflated footballs. 

From what I have heard, deflating a football can make it easier or harder to throw and catch depending on how much air is let out. So, did the Patriots deflate footballs so that Andrew Luck would have a bad game, knowing they were going to dominate Indy with LeGarrette Blount running wild? Or, were they deflated to make it easier for Brady to throw and his receivers to catch?

It doesn't matter. The Colts were out played, out coached and they were not tough enough to hang with the Pats.  They were beaten on offense, defense and special teams.  Deflated balls had nothing to do with it.  Bring on Seattle!  GO PATS!

The Shark is your home for Patriots football on the seacoast and we will air Superbowl 49 on Sunday, February 1st.  Pregame at 2pm and the kickoff at 6:30.