I lost a bet and now it's time to pay up.  A-Train and I made our annual NFL playoff picks during 'Fish on Friday' and when we got off the air we recieved a phone call from Matt in Colorado.

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Matt is a Shark fan, he listens online and has reached out to us on occasion.  He seems like a really nice guy and we're thrilled to have him as a listener.  He lives in Colorado, which means he's a Broncos fan (ouch).  He suggested we make things a little more interesting for the Pats-Broncos matchup.   We made a Facebook wager-If the Pats won, he would have 5 people 'Like' The Shark Facebook page, and if the Broncos won, I would get 5 people to 'Like' 103.5 The Fox's Facebook page (Denver radio station that carries the Broncos).  Well, obviously I lost the bet, so yesterday I called Matt and congratulated him on the win.  Now I must pay up, help me out by clicking the link to their page and 'Like' it.  I must warn you, it is very hard to look at their page with all the Pro-Broncos and anti-Patriots garbage on it, but I must make good on my promise.  Thank you and GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!