We need interns and you need an internship...it's a win-win for both sides of the equation! I could go on and on about the exciting world of radio but I'd rather tell you about what you'd expect to see and do on a day-to-day basis.

Mailing stuff! 

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We have tons of great prizes that need to be mailed to winners. DK will greet you everyday with a healthy stack of envelopes that you will be responsible for distributing throughout the Tri-State area with the help of gluesticks, Mr. Pitney-Bowes and the US Mail.

Helping the elderly!

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"The kid said he put the k-peg into the 3 m p."

" It's got to be empty I've certainly never put anything in it"

After your mailing duties are complete, Jonathan and I will ask you to complete very simplistic computer tasks. Primarily concert listings and social media work. We will ask you how you did this in a state of slack-jawed amazement. Anything you tell us will either be quickly forgotten or not really understood, no matter how easy the explanation, so the quickest answer will save you time and frustration.


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We have a putting machine with golf balls AND a putter. And I will give you a free soda, seltzer or bottled water everyday and we have delicious free coffee from NH Coffee!

Despite the joking manner of this post, WE SERIOUSLY NEED INTERNS!! We can only take applications from current college students that need an internship for credit.  If you could e-mail your contact info and/or resume to jonathan.smith@townsquaremedia.com it would be greatly appreciated!