Now THIS is a feel good story.

You may or may not be aware of singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran, but he is not only an amazing singer/songwriter, but also an amazing person.

One of our sister stations, Fun 107 in New Bedford, MA got a call from Colleen Munce, a gym teacher who had a student named Selina Oehman.  Selina was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last winter.  Mike Rock of Fun 107 had Selina's Mom on the air and told them that they are getting backstage to meet Ed Sheeran when he played at Gillette Stadium a couple of weeks ago.  There are not enough tissues in my office to get through that phone call.

Mike gave all credit to Atlantic Records and Ed Sheeran himself, but without Mike, this would not have happened.  Our hearts are breaking for this little girl and her family.  Radio was able to give this family, who has had devastating news, an experience that they will never forget.  You can see some of the pictures from that night here. 

God be with Selina and her family and Mike Rock - you make a radio sistah proud.

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