Sure we have a ton of great restaurants, but some of these just can't be replaced.

Maine has become a destination for our food. Especially Portland. But before we got fancy and out of most of our price range, Maine and Portland had some places that are sorely missed. There is also a clear winner when asking,

If you could bring back a restaurant that has closed, which one would it be?

The Village Cafe in Portland. It was a huge restaurant by today's standards. It held 550 hungry customers and was a unanimous fan favorite among all for the 71 years it was open. The Italian spot opened its doors just down the street from Jordan's in 1936 and held the fort down until 2007. The owner John Reali told The Bollard, regulars flocked in for wedding rehearsals, family reunions, birthdays, and even funerals to celebrate those who passed away since it was their favorite restaurant.

If we only had a magic wand to wave and bring it back. I even remember the smoking and non-smoking sections. Too funny.

As long as you have that magic wand out, there are quite a few in this list I'd love to bring back. I hope in a few years, I'm not writing about a whole other batch of favorites that closed...


20 Restaurants Mainers Want to Bring Back

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