Aldi made an announcement last week, according to, saying that they will be cutting prices on several items through Labor Day.  So if you shop there, you might be seeing prices actually come down.

According to Aldi Store locator, there are nine Aldi locations in New Hampshire, including Dover and Newington here on the Seacoast.  There are 21 locations in Massachusetts. Maine has zero (sorry, Vacationland.  You'll have to stop on the way to the lake).

The article didn't get very specific. However, it did cite granola bars, sirloin steaks, and French baguettes.

In looking around for more specific items, I found another article at that gives a more items like:

  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Summer Sausage
  • Cookie Thins
  • Sunflower kernels
  • Pulled pork/chicken
  • Steak sauce

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The article says that Aldi is discounting about 250 items through Labor Day with a savings of $100 million dollars for American shoppers.

At first glance, looking at the price cuts doesn't seem like a lot.  For example, the Vitalife Kombucha (don't judge me, I love that stuff) went from $2.39 to $2.29.  But those little savings add up to big savings.

If you live in Maine and feel bad right now because you'll have to come across the border to New Hampshire if you want to take advantage of the savings, don't worry.  Maine may to getting an Aldi soon.  According to Quartz, the chain is looking to open 330 new stores in the Northeast by 2028.

If you don't shop at Aldi's, it might take some getting used to.  It is a no-frills experience and you have to bag your own groceries in your own bags, just to name a couple of the differences of other grocery stores.

Will you make the trip for lower prices at the grocery store?

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