New Hampshire-Based Grocery Store With No New England Locations

In New England, there are local grocery stores to choose from, such as Hannaford and Market Basket.

But did you know there is one huge supermarket chain that has its headquarters in Keene, New Hampshire, but not one actual store in all of New England?

That would be Piggly Wiggly.

Piggy Wiggly Was the First Supermarket in the World

According to, before 1917, if you needed something at the store, you would go to the "General Store" and hand the clerk behind the counter a list of what you needed.  That clerk would gather up your things and give you what they carried.

For example, if you wanted flour, the General Store only carried one kind of flour.  There was no "Unbleached" or "Almond Flour" or anything like that.  You took what you were given.  Then, a young man by the name of Clarence came up with the idea to open up a store where people could come in, pick out their own stuff, and have a good selection to choose from to boot!

This was in Tennessee, and Clarence opened up the very first supermarket in the whole world in that state.  But how did Clarence's brainchild end up in the 603?

C&S Wholesale is the Parent Company of Piggly Wiggly

According to, Piggly Wiggly's corporate headquarters is located in Keene.

Back in 2021, according to, Piggly Wiggly was purchased by C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc., which is based right here in New Hampshire.

So it makes sense that the headquarters shifted from the Midwest to North East.

On, they highlight Keene as,

...a bustling downtown filled with shops, malls, pubs and restaurants. Nearby woods, trails and waterways provide perfect opportunities for outdoor activities in every season.


Why No Stores in New England?

Maybe they have plans to open up a Piggly Wiggly in New England at some point in the future.  There might be some prime real estate that would work with the potential closing of Macy's.

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What's your favorite grocery store?  Would you like to see a Piggly Wiggly in New England?

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