Grocery Stores Are Closing Soon

An unknown number of underperforming Stop & Shop locations will be closed, according to, but the list of which locations has not been released yet.

Will the Amesbury, Andover, and North Andover Massachusetts Locations Close?

At this point, the company is not saying which locations are closing. They say that will come later on this year.

The parent company's CEO said they have completed an evaluation of the entire portfolio, and some stores will be shut down to create a healthy business for the long-term.

From what the article says, the company is going to save $5.5 billion dollars by focusing on technology like AI, apps, and automation. Brick and mortar locations are expensive, hence the decision to close many locations.

Currently, there are 397 Stop & Shop locations in the US, including Amesbury, Andover, and North Andover, Massachusetts.  That means loss of jobs and less human interaction.

According to an article in, the company says the savings for the company could mean nicer stores and price cuts for the products sold.

I admit, I have had those times when I go into a store that has the "self-checkouts". And if I am not looking my best or am in a bad mood and don't want to talk to anyone, I use them. Having said that, going through the checkout with an actual human being can change your entire day.

There are people who have no one in their lives, and a smile or "hello" from another human being – who happens to be a cashier at the grocery store – may actually mean something.

Even though I do enjoy technology, every time an announcement like this happens, my first reaction is sadness. We are becoming a world with less human interaction, and as a people person, I really hate that.

Stay tuned for updates.

What's your favorite grocery store?

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